For Chrismas:

Love your Inner Child

Love is the desire for union
The ongoing longing to melt.
So lonely you form the opinion,
You are not beloved, good luck is withheld.

But what, if you are already one,
united and luckily whole.
Look just inside and the journey´s begun
To the never ending goal
Of the union within your selfs.

The first part of your life
You´ve lost them all, your selfs,
Forgotten true nature and strive,
And try to adapt to all the waves,
That drive you away from your being.

The second part of that journey,
That starts in the cradle and ends in grave,
You just have the chance, to become the attorney
Of that deserted child, you have to save
Within your one and only self.

Desiring union with this little lost child,
Within your skin and bones
Will bring all luck, you could derive
Your whole entire life.

Michael for Samiri, June, 23rd, 2013

Gaining Freedom

Becoming ONE with the source
Is the end of the lifelong Quest,
As you experience UNION with the beginning.
If you really and totally recognize,
That the goal is the way or the way is the goal,
If you melt with every moment
And embrace every experience,
If you don´t cling to happiness
And stop avoiding and resisting pain,
You have become free,
Free from the greed for lust
And independent from the Ego´s overestimation.
This freedom is not loud and proud,
It´s subtle, silent, and humble
And full of compassion with everybody,
Who has not yet gained it,
Because he tries to conquer or to reach out for it.
In fact, freedom will settle down in your life,
If you give up,
If you accept the boundaries of your control
And surrender to the power of the moment.
As only in devotion to what is happening just here and now
You can melt and dissolve, feel communion and peace.
Divine bliss and grace can only be experienced by a female spirit,
Because only in this state of being you are the form,
That is able to contain, the holy grail,
Empty to receive and ready to let go whatever has happened,
That more inner space for unknown experiences is provided.
Having become one with the source
And being ready to loose,
what wants to fade and what you can´t control,
means having found the balance between
beginning and end, birth and death,
and the recognition of the I AM,
that is constantly seeking and following its own and unique way
along the joint of the objective and its subjective world.

Samiri 30/5/2012

Transformed by Daring

Dare, to step down into your own Self,
Deep enough, so deep,
That nobody else can or could follow you,
Because it´s the sanctuary of your own inner space,
Where only your unique and personal kind of Energy has manifested
And is giving space for your attention if …
…. If you have been courageous enough, daring to end up there,
Finally, after having searched for PEACE everywhere else.


Dare, to rise into the heights of your own Spirit,
high enough, so high,
that nobody else can or could follow you,
Because it´s the sanctuary of your own Soul,
Where only your unique and personal kind of energy is radiating
And inspiring your whole BEING
In the different levels of manifestation:
Spirit, mind, emotions, and body.


You will feel your Soul´s kiss in your body,
If you have been and are still daring enough,
To leave all safe grounds and securities behind,
Open your wings and follow the call,
That you only can hear in Silence.


There is a source of your highest and most subtle energy,
People call it GOD,
And if you take the risk,
To be burnt totally in your surrender to truth,
You will receive the gift of resurrection,
Watching your own rebirth and
Start a new flight with wings of the PHOENIX,
Who knows himself as ashes, too.

From Michael Jackson´s Soul for Samiri 29/5/2012


When Hearts are meeting and melting in surrender, bliss is felt
When Souls are dancing to the same music, communion happens
When Bodies express their joy, expressing blissful communion,
the divine dance has manifested

Samiri am 28.5.2012, inspiriert von Satyadev

Pan for Samiri 3/5/2012:
Don´t allow anybody, to drive you into separation.
Allow all the different parts and needs inside you and accept, that you are many.
Don´t reject or deny, and nobody will be able, to drive you into separation,
as you are true and sincere to yourself and to the other.
Nothing to hide,
nothing to show,
everything´s right,
just don´t say “No!”
Be as you are
and accept light and dark,
celebrate who you are
and no dog will bark
And every cat will then purr
resting glad in your arms
as every fur
is carressed by your palms
This inner peace
radiates all around
and will release
bad-feelings you´re bound.

White Eagle is one of my spiritual guides, too. According to the Maya Calender my birtharchetype (25/10/1951) is the Snake in the Eagle-Wave, therefore I have been connected with the Spirit of the Eagle from the beginning of this life.
Freedom, Transcendence, and Brotherhood have been very important values for me, as long as I can think about.


Over the mountains
Heavens are waiting
In every fountain
LOVE´s ready sharing
Its beauty and radiant care
Never give up questing
And stay on your path
You´ll be able harvesting
What your soul´s wanting to plant
Only in humble dedication
And unquestionable faith
You can pass every station
That your life´s train dismays
For finally ending up
From where I´m talking to you
Encouraging innocent hope
That kindness is growing with you

Michael Jackson for Samiri, 10.3.2012

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