Michael Jackson für Samiri am 28.5.2013:
Behind the Veil
Behind the veil there is a space,
You haven´t dreamt of yet
It´s full of  wonder, filled with grace
And everyone´s protected by his trust.


Behind the veil there is a space,
You´re longing for so much
Whilst you were living full of fear
In this trust´s painful absence


Behind the veil there is a space
In which god´s kingdom rules
It´s full of love and filled with peace
And full of celebration


Behind the veil there is the joy
Expressed by every being
That finds himself so full of love,
Can´t stop himself from sharing
That love and trust and joy.


You need to lead the fans
To the border of their consciousness,
Where they are missing painfully
My presence in their world


And show them then,
There´s so much more
beyond their imagination
fulfilling their desires.


You are the links between these worlds,
Where quest and goal are seeking for their union.
You have that insight, trust, and knowing,
That matter´s transcended by spirit´s light glow.


You have understood the meaning of life,
The Body as a temple of the Soul,
And therefore you have to crystalize
And explain, what I was trying to show:


The dancing spirit in a matterly body
Destined to the beauty of love
And guide all those seekers to the point in themselves,
Where they experience this spirit inside..


Michael Jackson für Samiri am 30.5.2013:

Love will Win
Dearest Samiri,
please tell them all,
they shouldn´t doubt
the meaning of their feelings and
the presence of their love,
that will protect and cherish them
in every deed and every step, they take.


It is of highest importance,
That people with wide open hearts
Are daring and courageous,
As only those, who are connected
With spirit´s subtle guidance
Can go and show the way
That leads to TRUTH and GOD.


As long as you are giving space
To anybody´s aweful threats, allow,
to be intimidated and frightened close to death,
you´re giving power, strengthening those entities,
who only trust in fear and force
and try to change, what they don´t like,
as they´re afraid and cannot stand
divine truth´s shining light.


But you, as you´re containing it,
So consciously embedded
In spirit´s grace and superhuman justice,
You should and must relax and trust,
And open up to guidance,
That´s there for you
at any time and everywhere
from Spirit´s gentle caring.


Do you remember me in uniform,
So proud and confidently?
Marching for veracity, claiming for peace,
And fighting for the victory
Of justice, love, and freedom.


You need to see, that you´re not free,
For enabling your potential
to grow and flower fully
until you´re love and light.


And if you´re light, that doesn´t mean
The absence of all shadows,
The opposite is true:The darkest hole, the blackest shadow
Is shown by brightest shining,
And if you´re blessed, to radiate this brilliance,
You have no chance, to always be in blooming rightness
avoiding all, that could be wrong and bad, provoking awe and pain.


It´s a kind of getaway, you´re trying to escape,
Existence´ laws and flow,
If you´re not daring, crystal clear,
To say the truth and use the whip of consciousness,
No matter, if it hurts or pleases,
If you´re acclaimed and celebrated
Or blamed and prosecuted.


Please be so kind and trust that force
Inside your loving heart,
Connected with your Soul´s white light
And superhuman wisdom,
That will still grow, if you just dare,
To follow Spirit´s guidance
Transcending all the planes and borders,
That prevent you from communion
With GOD and LOVE and TRUTH:



Michael Jackson für Samiri 30/5/2013.

If you don´t want to be abused, you must not abuse yourself. You need to recognize and appreciate your own gifts as a god given present, as a challenge, to develop something very precious and unique, that is provided from inside or from BEYOND.

If you make a trade out of it, you risk to loose it, as these god given gifts from the higher level of consciousness will retire, if you approach them in an attitude of greed and vanity. So humbleness is a must, if you want to keep and see your creative power growing and flowering. If you allow people or yourself, to see and treat your creations like matter, spirit will vanish from your grip. It´s all about wanting to have and to exploit instead of appreciating the present.

If you neglect the laws of existence, you sooner or later will become their victim, because you can´t step out of which you are made of and taking from.

The gifts of inspiration are donated to you, when you are capable of melting with the whole without loosing your awareness.

All answers are already there and you will get them, if you ask questions from the depth of your heart with a genuine desire and longing, to know more about truth and existential mysteries. A childlike innocence is needed, to come into contact with the higher realms of the divine spirit, at the same time a quiet mind and a clear heading towards the energy, you are seeking connection with.

It´s necessary, to be able, to know the difference between your own inner and the outer subtle world, otherwise you just will project instead of channelling.

Trust, that you are guided profoundly, what you´ve already experienced many times in your life and go on following your own path, that is developing by being trusted and gone.

If you have a certain task, that should inspire and touch others, you must not follow the mainstream, even if it´s sometimes hard and lonely. Trust your instinct and things will develop perfectly.

I kept on being identified with the Peter Pan-figure, not realizing, that I did this, to extract myself from reality, I was confronted with. I was obsessed with the imagination, to become how and what he was, but I was totally unaware, that I was more and more loosing and giving up, who and what I actually was.

I was finally caught in a trap, that I myself had created.

You cannot be or become someone else that you actually are, you only can develop your genuine potential or miss to do that.

I will be the one, who proofed, that alienation is the biggest pain and danger in modern life. There is so much and there are so many, who have thrown their nets over you and over that, you are provided with.

It is absolutely necessary, to become aware of that, what you are and what you are capable of, otherwise you will not be able, to protect your lifesource from the greedy and needy and robbery ones, you are surrounded by. Those hungry ones are not at all interested in your well being in any respect, they are only interested in getting and taking, what you are capable of delivering.

Don´t loose contact with me, it´s very very important for me, being able to communicate with you. While you are receiving my messages, I can look at my problems in a more earthly way, than I would be able to do it, where I am at the moment.


G & G & G
The Secret of Happiness
G ratitude guides you into freedom
G reed leads you away from yourself.

You loose contact
with your inner reality and truth
and become the greedy one´s prey.

G race is experienced,
if you are able to dissolve
into this feeling of gratitude

Appreciate what you have
and encourage its growth by taking care
without looking for benefits of outcomes.

It´s one of the greatest gifts,
to be able to give joy and inspiration,
this needs never ever
be exchanged by money

The source of Joy and Inspiration
is not for sale
and cannot be named or possessed.
It needs to be searched for,
discovered, connected with,
and blissfully expressed.

This is the secret of happiness.

Michael, your brother, guide and friend

Michael für Sam am 25.1.2011

The Source of Life and the Soul´s Kiss

The Source of Life can only sparkle

If NATURE finds some space to grow

Your highest goals will shine like marble

If you surrender to the flow,

Your heart is trying you to show

Be silent and relax your mind

Take care for body´s needs

And then be open for all kind

Of inspiration from BEYOND, that´ll indeed

Take you into a state of bliss

In which you will experience

Your SOUL´S  extatic kiss.

Michael am 1.3.2011

The Artist´s Extasy

To become a genuine artist

You need to be taken

Allow to be shaken

By existence´ outpouring of joy

You´ve only to open

Your mind and receive

The gift from beyond

That´s silently waiting for you

It´s not BEYOND, by the way,

but INSIDE, just a leap

more deep than your head,

It´s provided for you in your heart

Where all the treasures

By mind unmeasured

Wait for being welcomed,

Received, and gratefully taken

The artist´s passion

For beauty and meaning

Can inspire so many

Who long for transcendence and bliss.

Express yourself and become witness

Of the resonance from outside

After which you will experience

The ongoing flow of transmission

And all the tedious critics

Judgemental and loaded with pride

Can´t get or destroy what you gained

If you trust in your guidelines inside

Samiri Uta Reichenberger mit Michael Jackson am 1. März 2011


Grace shines upon the Innocent

Sirius, unser unvergesslicher Eselhengst

Potential needs to be searched for and developed. Creativity reveals its blessings only, if you provide time and space for it.

Only if you look for the MIRACULOUS, you can go beyond the forces of necessarities and greed. Spiritual growth happens in devotion and readiness to sacrifice, because only in this attitude you can
break the structures of the ego, that is always in search for satisfying its needs, trying to exploit every situation and person for its own benefit.

Tragically most spiritual teachers cannot resist the seduction to exploit the devotion of their disciples, otherwise, without devotion there is no spiritual guidance, that would lead you totally beyond your own believe system, because there needs to be energy from outside, that inspires you and triggers your wholeness.

As long as you respond to a situation loosing your wholeness, you will again and again repeat the patterns of interpretation and behaviour, that are stored and working in your subconscious.
If your higher and deeper wholeness is mirrored and reflected by a person, who has realized all levels of consciousness, you can easily grow into your own depths and heights.

And even if you are not experiencing more freedom in the beginning, even if you are abused or feel misguided, the tracks out of your ego-cocoon are laid and can be followed in future, opening has happened.

GROWTH into our real Self, that is the manifestation and presentation of our Soul-Energy, cannot happen without sacrificing and letting go of the old being, you have been identified with.

Rebirth is the sunrise of your Soul-Light, given space in every single moment of your every day life. It needs to be integrated in every single relationship, you are in and can bring total revolution into your whole life.

Music is a great means to bring movement into our rigid systems, that are forming our body and psyche. Its language speaks without words and moves us beyond mind.

Dance is fascinating people since aeons, because in moving to music you can forget and transcend your ego-structures, that are normally holding their grip on all levels of your being.

Music frees your soul, if you allow to be moved by it. If many experience that at the same time, ecstasy is experienced, that lifts everybody beyond his and her tiny body.

By consuming drugs people are trying to open up and experience expanded consciousness, but by doing this, they are  not held from the outside, it can be dangerous and disintegrating, as there is no connection between inner and outside experience.

In listening to the same music and watching the same show, people are connected in their perception that is outside, and moved inwardly in a similar yet very individual way.


Michael am 19.2.2012

I would like to guide you  through the dschungle of the world of fame. I would like to see you soon amidst  those many all around the world, who are lost and desperated searching for some  hope and inspiration.

Please trust your inner voice, that´s talking to your heart and mind, expressing  what my soul feels now and wants to share with you.

I´m full of love now, more than ever in your world, but how to share and  how to give, if you and all the others are only mourning my loss, instead of  looking for connection?

If even you are doubting, what  you get and feel from me, how can I hope to become enclosed again? To be  listened to, when talking from the point of view, I´ve gained now from here? It  was my own ambitious goal, to become an icone, but now, after having been successful in that, how to continue? An icone is something perfect but static,  not able to grow and transcend, what and who he is. Could I have seen my  vanity, I would not have ended up, as I did.

The King of Pop would like to put his crown down and become simple and natural, as he was, before the whole crazy story started. I would not like to  miss the experiences,  that I made in  this extraordinary life, but now I would like to share the insights, the  recognitions, and wisdom, that I gained.
And I would like to use the power, that would allow, to touch and teach my beloved fans after having left the body of Michael Jackson. Seen from here  and now, my life as you all know it was just a  preparation, the overture for  the drama, I would like to perform for you now.

Somehow I was always strongly connected with the spiritual realms, while I lived my life as composer and poet, dancer and singer. The spiritual realms were the source, my inspiration was fed by. But unfortunately I was not able to  manage the multitude of influences, I was surrounded by and con-fronted with. I  simply lost centering and the calmness, to let go and relax totally, so that I  had been able, to renew myself in the deepest way. “Go back to zero and start a new!” is one of your most favourite phrases and you yourself have done it many times, understanding, that we are developing in circles, where we again and  again pass the same signs and have to learn the very same lessons, that we take  for finished successfully.

T.  is closer to you, than you see and believe, but she´s also somehow like banned in behaviour patterns, not  able, just to release her pain and frustration. It would be good for your relationship, if she would see the similarity between Th.´ anger and her pain, and their refusal, to take responsibility for it. If you stick to your unwanted emotions and blame others for your uncomfortable feelings, you remain in a state of being the victim and are somehow fixed in that pattern. Your attention is not inside yourself, connected and connecting with the different parts of your being, but constantly festering between outward actions and their unwanted reactions. T.  is torn into more than two pieces, but she can´t show that, because she doesn´t know, how to get out of that state of being, and as you know your her, she cannot imagine anybody else being more clear than she is and having the real answers for the questions,  she´s tortured by. Send her your love and understanding on all levels, you are connected, and the real and the truth will grow more and more, you have watched that already working.

Like myself she cannot see and feel the beauty of her simple being and is desperately trying to be better than she is, that brings tension and stress and the disability, to simply relax in that, what and who and how you are. It  would be necessary, to recognize the deep love, she feels for her sister and allow the wonder touch her heart, that anyone can be like her.

Innocence is the state, all driven and alienated people are longing for and you can only return to this state, if you are once fallen out of it, by recognizing, how and why you´ve lost it, taking responsibility for that,  accepting and forgiving, yourself and the other, your inner child and lower self would like to blame and accuse. And then, the most important in the whole process: Be ready to jump into a totally new state of being, follow your heart and express yourself, no matter, if the outside world is mirroring you good or bad. Be true to yourself and trust your deepest levels, that are there always and every-where, like a room in your house, where you are always welcome and find purity, beauty, and peace. Your soul is the guardian and the keeper of that room and honesty is the doorway to that space, because you can approach your soul only in sincerity and truth. Your Spirit is not for bargaining and only devotion to your deepest and highest SELF can bring you peace and realization.
The caterpillar cannot even dream of flying, because it got no wings, but after having spent so long time in tight darkness and disability to move and exchange with the outside world, it could be ready for the biggest surprise ever…… and finally experience, that beauty and freedom is its very nature and birth-right.

With love Michael

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